The Environmental Impact Review Board (EIRB) conducts environmental impact reviews for proposed developments in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region that have the potential for significant adverse environmental effects.

The EIRB decides whether a project should proceed and, if so, under what specific terms and conditions. In making its decision, the EIRB considers the need for wildlife compensation, mitigation, and remedial measures.


The Environmental Impact Review Board (EIRB) is an integral part of a Co-management System established pursuant to the Inuvialuit Final Agreement. The Co-management System in the Western Arctic and Yukon North Slope is composed of five Co-Management Boards:


EIRB to meet with US Regulators

The Environmental Impact Review Board will meet with United States Regulatory Agencies in Anchorage, Alaska on June 3 and 4, 2015. The principal objective of this meeting is to initiate, establish, and sustain an effective approach and process with United States... +

Revised Rules of Procedure released

The Environmental Impact Review Board has revised its Rules of Procedure. The Rules of Procedures are intended to meet the objectives of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement by establishing a procedural framework that ensures that Environmental Impact Reviews meet the... +

Registry Updates