Registry / Registered Party Application

Registered Party Application

Learn about obtaining a registered party status in order to get updates, provide evidence and participate in the review process.


Individuals or organizations wanting to obtain a registered party status should follow the instructions provided in the Environmental Impact Review Board (EIRB) Rules of Procedure or use the Registered Party Application form below.

Registered parties to an EIRB proceeding:

  • are notified when a document is added to the public registry via the Public Registry Email Notification system. Registered parties should expect to receive an increased number of notices from time to time;
  • have the opportunity to present evidence, question others on their evidence, cross-examine other parties, and give final argument; and
  • may be questioned on evidence they present.


"*" indicates required fields

Contact information of individual or organization seeking party status

(Organization should identify the name of the individual assigned as its primary contact)