Registry / IORVL Beaufort Sea Exploration Joint Venture Drilling Program

IORVL Beaufort Sea Exploration Joint Venture Drilling Program

Review Milestones

  • 13-Sep-13

    IORVL files a Project Description with the Environmental Impact Screening Committee (EISC)

  • 13-Dec-11

    The EISC refers the Project to the EIRB for environmental impact assessment and review

  • 14-Feb-28

    The EIRB issues a Draft Terms of Reference and initiates a 60-day comment period

  • 14-May-30

    The EIRB issues a Revised Draft Terms of Reference

  • 14-Nov-14

    The EIRB issues a Worst Case Scenario Process Directive and Worst Case Scenario Terms of Reference


File Number: 09/13-01
Developer: Imperial Oil Resources Venture Limited
Map: View Project Map
Status: Under Review
Contact: Richard Binder – EIRB Coordinator


Imperial Oil Resources Ventures Limited (IORVL), on behalf of the Beaufort Sea Exploration Joint Venture, proposes a program and associated support activities that would involve drilling one or more wells within Exploration Licence (EL) 476 or 477 located in the Beaufort Sea in the offshore of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR). These ELs are in water depths that range from 60 m to 1500 m, and lie about 175 km north-northwest of Tuktoyaktuk. These wells would be drilled in water depths of 80 to 850 m.

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