Construction of the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway, Northwest Territories

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Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, Town of Inuvik, Government of Northwest Territories
Richard Binder - EIRB Coordinator


The online registry for the Construction of the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway, Northwest Territories. Proposed by the Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, Town of Inuvik and Government of Northwest Territories.

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0356EIR panel final report – French 2013-05-082015-06-12 17:55:29
0355Government response to EIR panel report 2013-04-052015-06-12 17:55:09
0354The Honorable Denis Lebel letter 2013-02-222015-06-12 17:54:56
0353Final Panel report 2013-01-252015-06-12 17:54:40
0352News release final 2013-01-252015-06-12 17:54:12
0351Letter to parties 2013-01-252015-06-12 17:53:52
0350Matthew Spence letter 2013-01-252015-06-12 17:53:29
0349Developers letter 2013-01-252015-06-12 17:53:11
0348Letter to Ministers 2013-01-252015-06-12 17:52:45
0347ENR role in ITH project 2012-09-072015-06-12 17:52:27
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Total Type of Documents
66Comment/Advice Letter Comment letter or advice from party.
5Comments Received/Responses Comments received and responses to comments.
18Additional Information Additional records relating to the project and the environmental assessment process.
2Decision Letter
16Environmental Impact Statement
39Other Other documents, ranging in type.
2Project Description Documents submitted by the developer.
190Public Notices
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