How to use the review guidelines

The Review Guidelines are laid out as follows:

  • Section 2 identifies the goals, authorities and mandate provided by the IFA to the Review Board;
  • Section 3 describes the transition between the initial Environmental Impact Screening and subsequent (if necessary) Environmental Impact Review processes in the ISR;
  • Section 4 outlines principles underlying and steps involved in the six-phase Environmental Impact Review process, along with the roles and responsibilities of parties within this process; and
  • Section 5 discusses general and specific information requirements of Environmental Impact Reviews, with specific emphasis on information the Developer needs to include in its Environmental Impact Statement.

Appendices to the Review Guidelines include:

Appendix A, which lists a number of organizations in the ISR and North Slope Yukon that may get involved in an environmental impact review, and their contact information.

Appendix B, which identifies where in the Review Guidelines factors required for consideration in the 2019 federal Impact Assessment Act are discussed. See Section 4.4.4 for more discussion on transboundary considerations.

These Review Guidelines are part of a larger package of guidance developed for EIRB. Of particular note, the Rules of Procedure for the Environmental Impact Review Process of the Inuvialuit Final Agreement (the Rules) provides more detailed information on the procedural framework within which the EIRB operates and on how the Developer and other Parties to an EIR Proceeding can formally participate. All Parties should make themselves familiar with those Rules.