Media at Public Proceedings

Media personnel should contact the EIRB Communications Officer prior to an Environmental Impact Review Board (EIRB) proceeding to discuss the following:

  • Proceeding date and location: The EIRB will usually issue a media advisory to notify the media about the date, time and location of the proceeding. However, it is advisable to check the EIRB website periodically or contact the EIRB Communications Officer to confirm events and their details.
  • Resource requirement: In advance of the proceeding date, Media personnel should discuss with the EIRB Communications Officer:
    • their space requirement at the media tables.
    • their needs to RCA/XLR inputs.
  • Note: Media personnel are responsible for supplying their power cords, connecting cords and adapters.
  • Briefing Session: All Media personnel are required to undertake a briefing session on site prior to the proceeding. Please set aside some time to meet in person with the EIRB Communications Officer.