Interview Request Guidelines

Media personnel wishing to set-up an interview should contact the EIRB Communications Officer. Interview requests should be made in advance to allow the EIRB staff to coordinate their availability with media deadline.

Current Environmental Impact Review

  • The staff will not provide interpretation or explanations of any information that is on the public record. The staff member designated as the spokesperson for a particular file will comment on the assessment process only.
  • Media personnel should directly contact the party or individual who submitted the information posted on the public record to gain a better understanding of the evidence or to better understand the party‚Äôs position on the subject.

Past Environmental Impact Review

  • For environmental assessments where the EIRB has issued its Report of Environmental Assessment the Chairperson is normally available for comment. The Chairperson can provide an overview of the decision; however, the decision document must speak for itself, and the Chairperson will not be able to provide further interpretation of the document.
  • Media personnel should directly contact parties or individuals involved in the review for their perspectives on the EIRB Report of Environmental Assessment and Reasons for Decision.